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User Instructions

Dashboard Structure

We provide you with various indicator categories, known from previous EFI annual reports, for optimal orientation in the R&I Dashboard and to enable you to find the information that is important to you quickly and easily. An indicator category is a compilation of relevant indicators. Clicking on an indicator category will take you to its overview page, which provides basic information on this category and shows the respective indicators in a preview. Clicking on the respective indicator will take you to its interactive chart, the rate of change and the descriptive text by the Commission of Experts. In addition, you can use the navigation bar at the top of the screen to quickly choose between the home page, indicator category and individual indicators.

Mouseover for Individual Values

In the desktop version you have the option of displaying exact values of a chart by moving the mouse pointer over the chart. On mobile devices, this works by tapping on the chart or the bar.

Zoom Function for Detailed View

The zoom function can be used to magnify the contents of the charts (such as a closer look at a user-selected period of time). The x- and y-axis can be flexibly adjusted in the charts.

Desktop Version: To adjust the zoom, hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse pointer over the chart; the marked area turns blue and is magnified when you release the mouse button. Double-click in the chart area to end the zoom.

Mobile Devices: To adjust the zoom, use two fingers to expand or contract the chart. You can move the magnified section by dragging two fingers simultaneously across the screen. Double tap in the chart area to end the zoom.

Displaying and Hiding Content for More Overview and Comparisons

Where several countries or categories are shown in a chart, they can be displayed or hidden individually. To hide them, simply click on the name of the country or group in the legend below the chart. The name will be greyed out in the legend if it is hidden. Click on the name in the legend again to display it. Double-click to display the selected group in isolation. Double-click again to display all groups again.

Bar Charts: Selection of Different Points in Time

Where time series data are available for bar charts, the years of observation can be selected with the slider below the chart. The current observation year is displayed by default.

Download of Figures and Data Tables

The displayed charts can be downloaded from the download bar below the figure caption. Using this bar, the figure illustrating the indicator at the current observation time for the default group can be downloaded as a PNG or PDF file. In addition, the entire data points of each indicator can be downloaded as an XLSX file.

You can also download the individually selected representation of an indicator as a snapshot by using the camera icon in the mode bar at the top right of the displayed chart.

Indicator Sources

Most indicators are taken from the studies on the German innovation system commissioned by the Commission of Experts or are based on the Commission's own calculations. In addition to the indicators presented here, the studies include other comprehensive indicator and analysis material and can be viewed and downloaded from the Commission of Experts' website.

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